Torn Seams and Sound Scores at Gallery Wendi Norris

Torn Seams and Sound Scores at Gallery Wendi Norris

Gallery Wendi Norris’ exhibition Seeking Civilization: Art and Cartography ostensibly questions how mapping practices have been reformatted to reflect changes in citizenship, power, and nationhood. The exhibition draws its frame of reference from Robert Storr’s 1994 exhibition Mapping at MoMA, which included one of the same works featured here. The refrain by seven artists—the majority living within the rapidly shifting geography of the Bay Area—is one which situates us within a complex of overlaid cartographies, which cannot be delineated by the clear partitions and broad strokes of traditional mapping. Instead, these artists transform the flat surface of various maps into rugged terrain, full of fissures and interruptions.

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ISSUE 4: Call for Submissions


Often disguised as a blank slate, the digital screen frames our interactions, realities, and socio-political formations. Sometimes a lens, sometimes a medium, how does the screen perform?

We encourage proposals that experiment with the possibilities of the screen: as proxy, as cipher, as mediator, as apparatus, etc.— these are merely suggestions of potential ways to approach the prompt. We’re specifically interested in proposals that take into account the very nature of DISSOLVE as a digital project.

Please SUBMIT your proposal by Thursday, March 16th at midnight. If you’ve any questions or would like to speak with us about your ideas before sharing a proposal, please write to DISSOLVE at Selected contributors will participate in an exchange with their assigned editor.