Apathetic All-Male Exhibition Tragically Joins the Heavenly Angels After Rapid Potato Chip Consumption

They say some critics will only write about exhibitions they like. The Undertaker only writes about exhibitions that are dead.

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Obituaries and Death Notices

The all-male exhibition died on Monday morning, shortly after its opening.

The cause of death was stuffing too many potato chips into its mouth. Sadly, the salty name-brand snacks proved to be toxic to the exhibition’s alternative constitution, reportedly quite delicate.

The exhibition was known to its tightly-knit circle of rather greasy guys as one that absolutely did not care about stuff.

“I could not care less about stuff,” it would defiantly insist to anyone within earshot. Sometimes it would shout it really loudly into the void, just so everyone was in the know.


It was an inspiration to younger, impressionable all-male exhibitions, many of whom shared its incredibly lukewarm career aspirations.

In addition to insisting repeatedly that it could not possibly care about anything, so everyone was totally clear and no one made the mistake of thinking it really, actually cared, its other hobbies included picking its nose while picking fights on Facebook, as well as noticing sexual harassment and then saying “heh.”

At the height of its heyday, the exhibition reportedly explained the death of painting to a woman for an hour before noticing she was a stop sign.

“That’s just the kind of exhibition it was,” acquaintances reported.

It is survived by the stop sign, as well as its younger, apathetic mentees.


The Undertaker graduated with a decaying degree (MFA) in a cadaverous subject (Painting). Futilely pursuing this craft despite numerous reports of the field’s tragic demise, the Undertaker began to consider: what other art world trends are dead? Inspired by extinction in art everywhere, this San Francisco-based artist and obituarist is particularly fond of deadly happenings close to home.

Images courtesy of the following individuals and organizations: 1) the Undertaker; 2) Unsplash, photo by Tom Pumford; 3) Unsplash, photo by Moritz Schumacher; 4 (preview image): Unsplash, photo by Madison Grooms.