Have an idea?

TRACE is a place for experimentation — poetry, reviews, video, documentation of an ephemeral installation or one-night exhibition, art-historical formal analysis, gossip, manifestos, web-based artwork, fiction, long-form, and more... We are currently soliciting both written and visual work to be published on a rolling basis.

Whether you have a completed piece or would like to work with one of our editors to develop an initial idea, we are open and ready for submissions!

Please send an email to info@dissolvesf.org, briefly outlining your proposed work with any relevant materials (i.e. website, links to past work, writing samples, etc.). We hope to hear from you soon!

Some works published thus far:

Miami: Un Memonto Mori para ti,” August 31, 2016
Writing in English hyphen Spanish, Jackie Valle eulogizes Miami, “a vision who lived in a perpetual state of absence from home.” R.I.P.

Between Development and a Hard Place: The Future of Diverse Artistic Community in Oakland,” November 3, 2016
Harper Brokaw-Falbo takes a long, hard look at the artistic community in Oakland - the changing political landscape affecting arts organizations, the fight for space, and ways that we continue to resist.

Mallrats: Viewership in the Era of the Art Fair,” January 24, 2017
In a booming gallery scene, how can we support and promote diverse works? After a weekend of new or expanded art fairs and related events (Untitled, FOG Design and Art Fairs), Matt Goldberg examines what it means to be an art viewer and what we want out of our art spaces.

Totally Turned On, Entangled in Celestial Bodies,” March 28, 2017
Alice Combs’ immersive installation at Counterpulse presents a tangled, contemporary reality, in which its subjects are always “turned on.” In a quick review, Tim Kopra ponders the potential of the technology that we often obscure, but need in order to carry out our daily lives.