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SF Film Fest | SHORTS

April 8, 5:00pm: Roxie Theater


American Paradise
A desperate man plans a bank heist and comes up against the stark realities of white privilege in this extraordinary story inspired by true events.
(Joe Talbot, USA 2016, 18 min)
This is a Cinema by the Bay film.

In a determined bid for a Guinness record, Cleveland sets loose 1.5 million balloons; what happens after they are released is a big surprise.
(Nathan Truesdell, USA 2016, 7 min)

Break of Day
A young woman meets a man in a seedy hotel for a mysterious assignation in this unsettling narrative.
(Kyoungju Kim, South Korea 2016, 19 min)

Happy Birthday Mario Woods
A bereaved mother in San Francisco's Bayview nieghborhood, tends the grave of her son and remembers his life.
(Mohammad Gorjestani, USA 2017, 6 min)
This is a Cinema by the Bay film.

In the Wake of Ghost Ship
After the horrific Oakland Ghost Ship tragedy, a Richmond, CA, building known as Burnt Ramen comes under the scrutiny of local officials.
(Jason Blalock, USA 2017, 20 min)
This is a Cinema by the Bay film.

Meaningless Conversations in Beautiful Environments
The banalities of the modern age—computer passwords, luggage codes, and the like—come up against natural wonders in Östberg's hysterically funny film.
(Lisa Östberg, Sweden 2016, 8 min)

Terence Nance, whose 18 Black Girls/Boys program is also being presented at this year's Festival, takes a meta-fictional look at the love story of two French Africans who meet in Marseilles.
(Terence Nance, USA/France 2016, 15 min)